Affordable Tiny Houses Made In America

July 30, 2016


The "tiny house movement" has been one that has revolutionized the way Americans view their living spaces. By going small, people have been able to create second homes for a fraction of the cost, provide economical solutions for retirement and downsize the footprint on our world. The best part is that a small home can be built right onto a custom trailer, allowing you to travel and move your home to different locations at any time!  By using innovative and smart designs, tiny spaces have proven to have large effects on living as we know it.


It was this love for tiny spaces in unique places that captured the attention of the USA manufacturing facility, Buck Stove.  The company has been manufacturing world class wood stoves, gas log sets, outdoor grills-electric stoves, fire pits,chimineas, furniture, lamps, lighting accessories, flag boxes and much more for over 40 years. With a 300,000 square foot facility, Buck Stove combined their dedication to quality American made products with their passion for tiny living and Buck's Tiny Houses was born.


The skillful artisans hand build each tiny house with an attention to detail that is easily recognized. The best part about these tiny homes is that Buck's will offer 3 base models to choose from with customizable interior and exterior features such as paint color, fabrics, countertops and much more. One model will even be personally designed by renowned artist and furniture designer, Bob Timberlake, making these tiny houses just as unique as you are!


Buck's Tiny Houses is  ready to begin building your dream tiny home! Call us today at 828-756-6144 and stay connected with our blog and social media for exciting updates on new designs.



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